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Sewn cotton interlock, elastic cuff, half dipped in nitrile, open back, blue color, resistant to oils. Suitable for use in building and construction, workshops, automotive industry...


Sewn cotton interlock dipped in nitrile, elastic cuff, blue color. Suitable for work with materials in building and construction such as wood, metal, concrete blocks...

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Sewn cotton interlock dipped in nitrile, stiff canvas cuff, blue color, category 2. Used for building and construction work, in various workshops, manufacture, industry...

Sewn cotton interlock, dipped in nitrile, elastic wrist. Gloves designed for work with abrasive materials such as cast iron, bricks, concrete blocks, sheet metal, oily elements, etc.


Zaštitne PVC rukavice STARLING





Sewn cotton interlock dipped in PVC, resistant to oils, available in three different lengths (27 cm, 35 cm, 45cm). Suitable for industrial use for work with oils and derivatives of oil.

Latex household gloves, flocklined, embossed anti slip grip on palm and fingers. Suitable for household cleaning.

  Zaštitne PVC rukavice PETREL  





Sewn cotton jersey dipped in PVC, resistant to oils and acids, length 35cm, rough anti slip finish on palm, fingers and back, dark green color. Suitable for handling chemicals in industry, building and construction, etc.

Sewn cotton interlock gloves dipped in PVC with nitrile, provide protection against mechanical and chemical risks, length 35cm, acid and lye resistant, special rough finish on palm.


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